What is meant by house clearance?

1 November 2023by cleanoodle.com

What Constitutes a House Clearance, and When Might You Require One?

A house clearance involves either partially or entirely emptying the contents of a house.

House clearances are necessitated for various reasons, including:

Creating Additional Space

 When you need to free up more room within your home.

Preparing Your Home for Renting or Selling

Getting your property in order before it goes up for rental or sale.

Clearing a Deceased Relative’s Home

 Managing the belongings in the home of a loved one who has passed away.

Regardless of the specific reason, house clearance is a task that demands a significant amount of care and attention. At Hanlon Bros, our dedicated removals team ensures the safe and secure transportation of all your possessions, drawing from over 50 years of industry experience. I want you to know that you can trust that we have the expertise to efficiently handle your clearance.

Each house clearance we undertake includes the following:

– A comprehensive Planning Service

– Professional Packing Service

– Access to Storage Facilities

– Peace of Mind

Determining the Need for a House Clearance

When the time comes, entrusting a professional team with your house clearance can prove highly advantageous since some details may need to be noticed. Whether you’re a landlord preparing your property for new tenants, getting ready to sell your home, or dealing with the difficult task of managing a loved one’s property after their passing, our empathetic team understands the sensitive nature of these situations.

During grief, we recognize the challenges associated with clearing a house. We provide you with as much control as you desire regarding the fate of specific items. This means you can retain full control over what you wish to keep and what you want us to clear.

Temporary Storage Options

For house clearances that involve the removal of large appliances or safeguarding special items, we offer access to a secure and reliable storage facility in Irvine. Our warehouse is equipped to store your belongings for short or extended periods, helping to reduce the stress associated with moving or finding immediate storage solutions.


Will a House Clearance Dispose of Everything?

A house clearance does not entail cleaning but involves the removal of items. House clearance services handle the disposal of any unwanted items or rubbish. This can range from clearing a single room to completing a house clearance.

What’s Another Term for House Clearance?

Evacuation, emptying, withdrawal, removal, eviction, depopulation – In urban planning, slum clearance became a prevalent term by the late fifties.

Why Do People Opt for House Clearances?

House clearances are vital for individuals who are relocating, downsizing, or inheriting a property. It is also beneficial for decluttering or assisting in situations like hoarding cases. House clearance companies arrive fully equipped to clear a home efficiently.

What Does a Home Clearance Entail?

A home clearance involves removing all household items from a property or specific areas within a property. Many people opt for a house clearance service when they need to dispose of many items or wish to clear spaces like garages, lofts, sheds, and basements.

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