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Garden waste can quickly build up. Find out how much having it removed will cost.

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How much does garden waste removal cost?

  • What does garden waste include?
  • Should I remove garden waste in the spring?
  • Garden waste removal methods
  • Factors Affecting Garden Waste Removal Costs
  • Can I remove garden waste myself?
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There are some wonderful strategies to get garden garbage collected fast and effectively, regardless of whether you have a large volume of debris from a garden renovation or a lesser amount from mowing the lawn or weeding. The expense of removing garden trash is well worth it to keep a garden in good shape, ensure that it is safe for kids and dogs, get rid of stinky garbage, and prevent pests from residing in the waste.

How much does garden waste removal cost?

Budget for removal Cost + VAT (High to Low) Average price Garden rubbish removal by a private firm with a van costs between £70 and £290 and costs £180. Free or from £47.50 to £70 annually No cost or £58.75 Skip rental ranges from $60 to $455 and costs $255 Garden cleanup (hourly): £52.50 to $600 Garden clearing, from £60 to £360 each load, is $210.

Garden waste collection costs can range from £47.50 to £450, depending on the type of garbage and the manner of removal you select. In a subsequent section of this paper, we explore the reasons for the wide cost variations.

What does garden waste include?

Organic waste from plants like shrubs, flowers, grass, and weeds is frequently included in garden garbage. We’ll call this “green waste” to keep things clear-cut. The good news is that it is the cheapest to eliminate green garbage. Garden garbage is another term that may be used to describe different items in the garden, including rusting garden furniture, collapsed garden sheds, cracked ornaments, damaged decking, and broken fence panels. Even though this is not strictly garden garbage, many of the experts in this guide can remove it. Always consult your expert if you are unsure.

Should I remove garden waste in the spring?

Although you can eliminate yard garbage at any time of the year, spring is typically the busiest. In actuality, early spring is the perfect time to organize your garden and bring it under control. For those with a green thumb, rejuvenation pruning, which entails making dramatic cuts to overgrown plans to get them back in shape, is an option. You can also create room to plant more seeds and bulbs.

Last but not least, you can discover that the outdoor furniture did not survive the winter. Garden furniture can rust, and fabrics might get permanently soiled or destroyed without protective protection. If this occurs, spring is the ideal time to get them removed. Your garden will be perfect and prepared for a long summer if you clean it up in the spring and remove any non-organic rubbish.

Garden waste removal methods

As was already noted, the technique of removal greatly influences the cost of garden waste clearance. Some of the most popular choices are listed below:

Local council: If you wish to regularly dispose of lesser amounts of waste, using your council’s garden waste removal program is an excellent choice. You can either pay per bag and there are scheduled collections or you’ll have a dedicated bin (often green but occasionally brown).

This might be entirely free (in some fortunate places!) or roughly £47.50 to £70 per year, based on where you live. On the website of your neighborhood council, you can discover further details.

Skip hire: A skip is a fantastic all-purpose solution if you need to eliminate more than just green waste or even extra domestic rubbish. They’re also perfect if the trash is bulky yet heavy, but keep in mind that you’ll have to lift and transport it to the skip yourself. Depending on the size of the skip and how long you need to keep it, skip hire costs can range from £60 to £450.

Independent company via a van: If you have a lot of rubbish, know exactly what you want taken, and need it all removed at once, an independent company with a van is your best bet. Some people may even bag your trash for you, but they won’t do any gardening or other preparations. Depending on the quantity and weight of the waste, you will pay between £70 and £290.

Your gardener performs the following garden maintenance: whether you currently hire a gardener, ask them whether they can remove the waste as part of their services. This eliminates the burden of maintaining a tidy yard, but it can be more expensive because you also have to pay for the garden labor. For more information view our guide to gardener prices.

Factors Affecting Garden Waste Removal Costs

The following elements will also have an impact on the garden trash disposal costs you are quoted in addition to the removal method:

Type of waste: Compared to heavier and bigger materials like fence panels and garden furniture, green waste is much less expensive to remove. Removing hazardous debris, such as sharp objects or decomposing waste, will come at an additional expense.

Weight of waste: If you are transporting bulky items like soil, concrete, or rubble, you’ll probably be charged by weight rather than volume. This is typically more expensive than the amount of weight, so you might discover that renting a skip is a better overall value.

The volume of waste:

You will be charged by the volume of the rubbish if your contents, such as grass and garden trimmings, do not weigh a lot. For instance, if you disassemble broken outdoor furniture first, it will take up a lot less space. This is perfect for van pickup because it tends to cost less per meter the more you buy.

Accessibility: Your garden’s accessibility will affect how long the job takes and how much it costs.

Preparation: The price will go higher if you can’t bag the garbage for collection or prepare it (by cutting it down or mowing the lawn, for example). For about £210 per load, a garden removal service will accomplish this for you and haul away the trash as well.

Can I remove garden waste myself?

You might be wondering if you can dispose of the waste yourself if you can prepare and bag it. This is an option, though, if you have the time and convenient access to a tip.

Additionally, you’ll need to check that the load will fit in your car because what appears to be a small amount when it’s on a bush can quickly fill many bags when it is cut down. Additionally, if one of the bags leaks, the last thing you want is grass cuttings loose in your car.

Hiring a professional removes the physical labor and can save you time while ensuring everything is taken away to a high quality. Therefore, we advise engaging a specialist. Use our free search option to locate a nearby, trustworthy tradesperson and receive customized garden trash removal costs.


What about composting?

If all you have is green garbage, you might decide to keep it in storage while it composts. This kind of trash disposal is great for the environment and also provides soil and plant fertilizer. It’s not a good solution if you don’t have much space, but if you do and have the patience to wait (composting might take up to a year), it might be something to think about.

Useful garden waste removal checklist

Verify what types of yard trash your professional can remove and, if necessary, whether they comprise non-organic materials.

If you find yourself dealing with a significant amount of waste outside of the spring season, don’t feel constrained by the idea that spring is the prime time for garden preparation and waste disposal. You have a wonderful solution available to you, whether you prefer to tackle the cleanup all in one go, spread it out over the year, or work on it gradually over a week.

Hiring an expert saves time and hassle, and yard waste disposal costs are reasonable.

How do gardeners get rid of commercial garden waste?

To properly handle commercial garden waste, you must either become a registered waste carrier yourself or employ the services of a reputable waste management company. This will involve coordinating waste collections through licensed waste carriers.

What are two waste materials that can be reused?

Recycling is an option for waste items like paper and plastic.

What is the composition of garden waste?

As stated by Komilis and Ham (2003), garden waste comprises approximately 27% cellulose, 11% hemicellulose, and 24% lignin.

Why is waste collection so expensive?

The price of providing services rises in tandem with increases in wages and insurance costs. The landfill, however, is a location that most people never see and where possibly the highest costs are expended. Today’s landfills are sophisticated structures with a variety of environmental safeguards in place to guarantee waste is safely contained.


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