Garden Rubbish Removal Cost: Disposing of Garden Waste

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Garden Rubbish Removal Cost: Disposing of Garden Waste?

Commercial waste expenses average over £300 a year. Bin rental, landfill tax, and administrative costs are included.

We fully recognize the significance of monitoring your business expenditure, particularly given the escalating cost of living. Our team of seasoned professionals boasts extensive experience in collaborating with enterprises within this sector for numerous years. We’ve conducted comprehensive research, enabling us to provide you with a swift comprehension of the pricing framework and the related expenses.

Continue reading to find out how much it will cost you to dispose of the waste that your company produces, from bin rental to landfill tax and everything in between. Alternatively, if you need to get going right away and are pressed for time, utilize our free comparison tool to acquire quotes from the top waste management firms.

What are commercial waste collection costs?

Although the subject of commercial waste is unpopular, it is essential since, as your company expands, so will its garbage. Is your company (as well as your budget) prepared to handle a rise in waste?

Everything you need to know about the expenses of commercial garbage collection will be covered by our in-depth guide. Here is a brief breakdown of the price of commercial waste:

Bin rental fees range from £40 to £140 per year.

The cost of landfill tax per ton is £102.10.

Gate fees (£6/tonne), congestion fees (£15), and trash transfer permits (£154 for a high-tier license; lower-tier licenses are free) are some of the administrative costs.

What influences commercial waste costs?

Prices for commercial garbage collection and disposal are shown above and in the tables that follow as estimates. While they provide a general idea, it’s crucial to keep in mind that your final cost will depend on the following:

Species of waste

Location of your company

Quantity of rubbish

Type of waste

It makes sense that hazardous trash disposal costs more money than other types of waste, including recyclables. Examples of hazardous waste include inedible oils, pesticides, batteries, and asbestos. For instance, waste transfer prices for paper, glass, and cardboard are all substantially lower than for wood or other types of waste.

Location of your business

As anyone who’s ever lived in London will know, things are expensive here – and commercial waste collection is no different.

If your business is based centrally, you’ll have to cover congestion fees for your waste management company’s collection trucks, or even the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charge for high-emission vehicles.

Amount of waste

Your expenses will rise in direct proportion to the volume of waste produced by your business. This is an undeniable fact. For instance, charges for wheelie bin rental and collection are determined by the bin’s size and capacity.

Essentially, every element mentioned earlier will influence your ultimate invoice. To be completely candid, this could translate to anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand pounds per year.

What are the costs involved in commercial waste disposal?

Below, we’ve broken down the costs of commercial waste disposal into five categories:

  •  01 | Bin hire
  •  02 | Bin collection
  •  03 | Waste transfer
  •  04 | Landfill tax
  •  05 | Admin fees

We’ll be honest: there are a lot of costs and considerations to weigh when it comes to business garbage. The good news is that there are garbage management businesses out there that will handle the entire process for you and only charge one, straightforward price.

The better news is that you can request prices right here from reputable UK rubbish management companies. To begin your adventure, simply click the below image.

Bin hire costs

First and foremost, you’ll need a place to deposit your trash, and renting a bin is an excellent place to start. The nicest part of bin rental fees is that you only pay for the amount of waste you need to dispose of, whether that is two sacks each week or twenty.

Wheelie bin sizeCapacityAnnual hire price

120 litres 2 to 3 sacks £40

240 litres 3 to 5 sacks £50

360 litres 5 to 7 sacks £80

660 litres 10 to 12 sacks £150

1,100 litres 15 to 20 sacks £250

Bin collection costs

But storing your company’s waste is just the beginning. Then, you’ll need to arrange for its pickup, maybe once per week. Once more, the price you pay here will depend on how much waste your company generates and how frequently you need to have it removed.

The frequency (or sparsity) of collections through your waste management business is up to you. Just make sure to have your trash picked up before it starts to smell

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Wheelie bin sizeCapacityAnnual price for weekly collection

120 litres 2 to 3 sacks £140

240 litres 3 to 5 sacks £255

360 litres 5 to 7 sacks £370

660 litres 10 to 12 sacks £650

1,100 litres 15 to 20 sacks £1,000

Waste transfer costs

What, huh? This (very ambiguous-sounding) fee covers the price of transporting your trash to a nearby waste disposal facility. Before moving on to a landfill or a recycling facility, the garbage is sorted here.

Don’t overly concern yourself about these expenses; your waste removal company will manage them and include them in the overall bill along with other associated charges. However, it’s still beneficial to possess a basic understanding of the entities involved, so let’s take a glance.

Type of wastePrice per tonneMinimum charge

Mixed general waste £150 to £250 £50

Dry mixed recyclables £50 £30

Cardboard and paper Free Free

Mixed glass £12 Free

Green waste £50 £30

Wood £100 to £200 £40

Inert/inactive waste £50 £30

Food £70 £40

The research is clear: The more you can cut your overall trash output, the less expensive your business waste solution will be.

So take action to green your company. Increasing your workplace’s use of recyclable materials will help the environment as well as your wallet.

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Landfill tax

However, the costs don’t end there because the government must naturally take a hit as well. This takes the form of a landfill tax, and it depends on how much trash you throw away.

Landfill tax rate from 1st April 2023Landfill tax rate from 1st April 2022

Standard rate £102.10 per tonne £98.60 per tonne

Lower rate £3.25 per tonne £3.15 per tonne

What you’ll pay in landfill tax is also dependent on the type of waste involved. Inert or inactive waste (like soil or rocks) qualifies for a significantly smaller charge than standard or hazardous waste.

As you can see, the landfill tax keeps rising every fiscal year. Beginning in April 2024, another increase is anticipated.

Admin fees

Let’s face it: Everything worthwhile in life—or at the very least, everything useful—usually comes with some paperwork. The collection of business garbage is no different. Let’s look at some of the extra, varying expenses you can incur to dispose of the trash generated by your firm.

Waste Transfer Note (WTN)

An official record of the transfer of garbage from one party to another is a waste transfer notice (WTN). Along with the time and date of the transfer, it describes the trash (in terms of quantity and/or weight). It verifies that your management company has received the waste and accepted responsibility for it.

Every time a WTN is finished, there is a cost that must be paid. But don’t worry, you can save money by purchasing a season ticket for numerous loads each year.

Gate fees

Every time the waste from your company is dumped off at a landfill or recycling facility, you will have to pay a gate charge. It is now set at about £6 per tonne, but larger waste corporations are aiming to raise this charge, so it might be £7 to £9. This will be paid for by your waste management firm, which will later charge you for it.

Congestion charge

This one, a daily £15 fee for driving in the congested area of the city between the hours of 7 am and 6 pm on weekdays, is one that Londoners are all too familiar with. The ULEZ, an even tougher daily price of £12.50 for high-emission vehicles (£100 for lorries or huge vehicles!) has lately joined this fee. Driving in London is pricey.

And it makes sense that your trash management firm isn’t footing the bill. Therefore, if you live in a major city and require weekday commercial waste pickup, you must take these fees into account.

Waste Transfer License

If you plan to transport or dispose of the garbage generated by your company yourself, you must obtain a waste transfer license (sometimes referred to as a waste carrier license). A lower-tier license can be obtained for free, whereas a higher-tier license costs £154.

If you hold an upper-tier license, you must pay £105 to renew it every three years.

How can I save money on my commercial waste collection?

If you’ve read this far, you already know that calculating the expenses of commercial garbage collection isn’t exactly simple. Gate charges, bin pickup (and hire), waste transfer fees, waste transfer notices, landfill taxes, etc. Huh?

Even without considering the several cost types involved, the quantity, location, and type of garbage generated by your company are plenty of other factors to worry you. How then can you streamline everything while also ensuring that your company is getting the greatest price possible?

That’s how using a waste management business. Companies established in the UK, like Waste Managed, handle every aspect of the procedure for you, from garbage pickup to waste transfer fees. All those annoying fees we just discussed will be combined into one straightforward fee for you.

Why not use our simple quotation request form right away to discover what type of value a waste management firm can offer your company? You’ll receive quotations from top commercial waste collection companies for free and in under a minute.


How much does it cost to take waste to landfill?

One or two fees may be incurred when taking rubbish to the dump. The regular rate, which costs £102.10 per tonne, is the first; the lower rate, which costs £3.25 per tonne, is the second.

Inert or inactive garbage is subject to a reduced rate.

How much does clinical waste collection cost?

Depending on your local council, this fee might be as high as £14.50 per bag or box. Sometimes there is an additional fee for ad-hoc collections.

What is commercial waste collection?

Commercial waste collection is the process of picking up or moving waste from a business to a facility so it can be disposed of or treated.

How much is a Biffa bin?

you’ll need to contact Biffa directly for a quote as its pricing is not public.

How much does waste management cost in the UK?

The expense of managing waste varies according to your business’s waste size, type, and quantity. Presently, the Landfill Tax stands at £91.45 for each tonne, and the gate charges for disposing of rubbish are approximately £20 per tonne.

How much is it for a business to send waste to landfill in the UK?

How much does it cost per tonne (landfill) to dispose of commercial waste? Waste that is sent to a landfill is subject to a landfill tax. The normal charge for disposing of rubbish in landfills was £98.60 per tonne beginning in April 2022.

How much does waste cost businesses?

Looking at insight from the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, as a result of increasing taxes and other price rises, business waste disposal costs can account for four to five percent of the turnover of a company

Is waste removal profitable UK?

If you run your waste disposal firm as a limited company, you may expect an average profit of about £43,360. Every year, millions of customers look for trade services. Make sure your company is one of the ones people discover!

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