GARDEN RICH PLANTING SOIL – Seasonal product only available in the spring

1 November 2023by
Seasonal product only available in the spring

Cubic Yard: $90.00

Introducing Garden Rich, your trusted planting soil for nurturing a thriving garden. Our carefully crafted blend of premium ingredients ensures a healthy and balanced soil that provides the perfect foundation for your flowers, shrubs, and vegetables to flourish.

Our special formula includes a mix of yard debris compost, nutrient-rich cow and chicken manure compost, aged bark fines, loam, sand, forest wood bio-char, dried poultry manure, fish bone meal, limestone for pH control, alfalfa meal, feather meal, and kelp meal. With Garden Rich, your garden is set up for success, giving your plants the ideal environment they need to thrive.

Seasonal products are only available in the spring.

* The prices may be subject to change


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GARDEN RICH PLANTING SOIL is a seasonal soil product designed for gardening purposes. It is typically available only during the spring.

What are the benefits of using GARDEN RICH PLANTING SOIL in the spring?

While specific benefits may vary, using GARDEN RICH PLANTING SOIL in the spring can improve soil quality and provide essential nutrients for plants during the growing season.

Where can I purchase GARDEN RICH PLANTING SOIL in the spring?

You can usually find GARDEN RICH PLANTING SOIL at garden centers, nurseries, or home improvement stores that carry gardening supplies. Refer to local retailers or online sources for availability.

How should I use GARDEN RICH PLANTING SOIL in my garden?

Instructions for using GARDEN RICH PLANTING SOIL typically include guidelines for mixing it with existing soil or using it as a planting medium for various garden plants. Specific usage instructions may be provided on the product packaging.

Are there any alternatives to GARDEN RICH PLANTING SOIL for spring gardening?

Yes, there are various soil amendments and planting mixtures available for spring gardening, such as compost, animal manure, or leaf mold. These alternatives can also enhance soil fertility and plant growth during the spring season.

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